Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to how we look and feel and with so many wonderful tools within our reach it’s almost crazy not to use them!

Try these 7 easy fixes and prepare to be totally flattered!

  1. Treat yourself to a Hydrafacial! Not just any facial, but a treatment that will absolutely leave your skin cleaner, smoother and softer, reducing congestion, fine lines and minimizing pores. A Hydrafacial is the perfect treatment to have before a big event.
  2. Smooth your forehead and lift your brows and eyelids with BOTOX™. This is one of the most effective (and easy) ways to restore vibrant eyes and look significantly younger. The skillful application of a little BOTOX™ creates a brow lift and diminishes crow’s feet. Take a look!
  3. Plump up your lips with a touch of JUVEDERM™. Skillfully applied dermal fillers will restore lost volume and give you back those youthful contours.
  4. Grow your own lashes! Yes, you can have longer, thicker, darker eyelashes of your very own with an amazing product called LATISSE®! Take a look at some beautiful LATISSE® results.
  5. Recharge your daily skin care routine with a SkinMedica™ system. Now that your skin is hydrated and smooth from your Hydrafacial treatment, maintain that luminous glow and clarity with SkinMedica.
  6. Love makeup? Who doesn’t? So why not use cosmetics that are good for your skin? Jane Iredale mineral makeup includes sun protection and is guaranteed not to clog pores. Combine those benefits with a beautiful soft-focus effect and long lasting wear and how can you go wrong? And then of course there are those delicious moist lip colours……
  7. Smile! Yes, a quick and easy fix that you will have no trouble using consistently because you will Feel Confident, Be Yourself and Look Amazing! (Not to mention 10 years younger!)

All products and treatments are available at MD ESTHETICS where Dr. Milkovich and Dr. Banks and the MD ESTHETICS team provide professional experienced care and service. Contact us for an appointment.