You loved it once. Now? Not so much!

There are some wildly funny “tattoo fails” pictured throughout the Internet. They’re funny to us of course, but not to the folks that are sporting permanently inked on misspelled statements like, “No Regerts.” Ouch.

A beautifully rendered tattoo can be a work of art. Many are; there are some talented tattoo artists creating gorgeous images and meaningful statements for people to wear throughout their lives.

But we change as we grow and mature- our lives evolve and, sometimes so do our tastes in body art. What we loved at 17 (or who we loved) might not be what or who love today.

Or perhaps your tattoo artist made a spelling error. Or did a less than attractive creation giving you a disappointing image that you just don’t like.

Until recently there were few options for effectively and safely removing tattoos, or even fading them well enough to have better art inked over.

Now there is the PicoSure® laser treatment, which is the most advanced laser technology for tattoo removal today. PicoSure® is fast and effective, requiring fewer treatments than older generation lasers.

Unlike lasers that use thermal energy to heat up and break apart ink particles, PicoSure® uses ultra-short pulses (100 times faster than older technology) that hit ink particles and break them up without harm to surrounding skin. Those ink particles are absorbed and eliminated naturally by the body.

Dr. Banks and Dr. Milkovich are pleased to announce that they have added the advanced laser technology, PicoSure®, to the list of services available at MD ESTHETICS.

With the PicoSure® laser the MD ESTHETICS physicians can remove or fade your tattoo safely and effectively with better clearance and fewer overall treatments. Most sessions takes only 2 -3 minutes and depending on the size of your tattoo and the colours of ink used, treatments can be completed in 6 – 7 sessions spaced about 6 weeks apart.

So if you’ve fallen out of love with your tattoo, call MD ESTHETICS today and schedule a consultation. Dr. Banks or Dr. Milkovich will assess your tattoo and answer all of your questions.