After all of the glitz and glamour of the holidays, it’s time to get back into routine, and that shouldn’t stop with your skin care. In addition, it’s the coldest time of the year making it all the more important to give your skin a little extra TLC this frosty season.

It’s no secret that cold temperatures take a toll on our skin. The unsympathetic winter weather lacks the necessary humidity to preserve the moisture in skin causing it to crack, flake, and itch. Even when you aren’t baring the frigid temperatures, indoor heating and overindulgence in seasonal beverages cause the skin to dehydrate. But what can you do about it? Here are our top tips to prevent and repair dry skin in the chilly winter months:

  1. Bundle Up

Not only does bundling up keep you warm, it actually protects your skin from being exposed to the dry air that causes it harm. Tip: never leave home without a pair of gloves or mittens as the skin on your hands is the most sensitive to the cold.

  1. Moisturize & Hydrate Often

Incorporate moisturizing into your daily routine – after bathing and washing your hands is best. Moisturizing is most effective when the skin is still damp as it best absorbs and locks in moisture longer. Ensuring that you are using the right moisturizer for your skin is just as important as the routine. Hydrating serums such as HA5 by SkinMedica provide even more help by absorbing into your skin’s cells and then drawing in moisture. It’s like giving your skin a drink of water.

At MD ESTHETICS, we have an array of skin care products that are handpicked to deliver optimal results. Visit our clinic so our experts can help you determine the best skin care products for your at-home regimen.

  1. Try a HyrdraFacial

Our faces are particularly vulnerable this season, as they don’t get much, if any, protection from the cold air. In just 30 minutes, HydraFacials cleanse and rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells, decongesting the pores, and replenishing the skin’s natural store of antioxidants. The results are instant, leaving you with soft, hydrated, and glowing skin for up to a month.

Whether you are looking for advice on your seasonal skin care routine or want to find out if a HydraFacial is right for you, contact us to speak with our knowledgeable team who are dedicated to making you look and feel amazing.