At MD ESTHETICS, we’re experts in restoring and giving beautiful, natural, healthy-looking lips.

We take a lot of pride and have a lot of expertise in using dermal fillers to achieve those results. Lips are an interesting area in cosmetic medicine because frequently patients will say that they want their lips to look better but they really want them to look natural. They’ve seen people on TV that don’t look natural and they’re worried about those results. At MD ESTHETICS, we’re all about natural looking results with the lips and we do a very gentle treatment with dermal fillers that restores a nice natural contour to the lips so people can feel that their lips look healthy and beautiful, but they look natural and they still look like themselves.

When people come in for lip treatments, they have different concerns. Some patients are concerned that they’ve lost volume in the lips and the lips are looking smaller. Volume loss also leads to lines around the mouth. Restoring that volume and a healthy contour actually improves the look of lines around the mouth. People walk out with beautiful restored lips and the lines around the mouth are improved too, giving them a more natural, youthful appearance.

Some patients just have lips that are a little smaller than what they would like to see and we can create a little more fullness to the lips that keeps lips in balance so they still look like their lips but they look a little more enhanced, a little fuller and it gives patients a lot of satisfaction.

The lip filler treatments will last a long time, sometimes a year or longer. Results can be maintained forever with just a little maintenance treatment, usually about once a year. At MD ESTHETICS, our filler treatments are very gentle and we take real care, especially with the lips, to make sure that the patient has a very comfortable experience.

marylin-johnsson-poutanenHe’s so gentle, it makes me laugh. He’ll say, “There’s going to be a little poke” and it’s nothing. But he is really an artist. I made sure he had excellent qualifications as a physician, which he does, but as an interior designer, I can see what he does and the sculpting he can do and the little tiny changes that he can make that make a huge difference and that’s what I really appreciate about him.