KOOL radio personality Robin Farrell’s adventure into the world of Cosmetic Dermatology began with a look in the mirror just before her 40th birthday. Later, she quipped on her KOOL 107.3 blog, “I’ve recently been noticing some UNSAVOURY lines popping up.”

Robin decided to do something about the fine lines, lack of clarity and unwanted pigment and sunspots on her skin.

“I’ve never been opposed to trying new things and I’m no stranger to body modifications; I have tattoos,” she said.

She went to MD ESTHETICS in Victoria for a consultation with the cosmetic physicians Dr. Daniel Milkovich and Dr. Kent Banks. Robin chose a variety of enhancement procedures including Botox, dermal fillers, IPL laser therapy and CoolSculpting.

Robin described how she “went public” with her experience.

“At the station we have a show segment, Kool Mornings Test Lab, where we test products, so we thought, let’s do something about the pros and cons of Botox. Basically, it was an experiment! And it’s been awesome.”

MD ESTHETICS had been advertising with KOOL for some time and was the logical place to hold the product testing.

Robin’s experience with cosmetic dermatology at MD ESTHETICS’ was soon the talk of the KOOL Mornings Test Lab. Her KOOL blog published before and after photos of her experience and the amazing results. The program held a Q and A phone in so people could ask Robin questions, offer opinions, and even discuss their apprehension and concerns.

It seemed a lot of people were curious about cosmetic dermatology and many were ready to take the leap.

Robin FarrellRobin speaks candidly about the procedures and the results.

“I had a little bit of Botox in my forehead that lifted my brow and relaxed the frown lines between my eyebrows. I also had some small injections along my jaw (masseter muscle), which amazingly helped with the tension I get from clenching my jaw. I’ve just started competitive Olympic weightlifting and I clench my jaw a lot, even when I sleep.

It was amazing; there was no jaw pain any more. The therapeutic effect was noticeable right away. It also helped to alleviate the roundness my face had developed with age (drooping) and squared my jaw again.

Injectables? I had some filler under my eyes to decrease the shadows and in my cheeks, which at first concerned me because I wasn’t sure if it was going to make my face blow up. Will I look the same? But I trusted in the process enough.

The first thing the doctors told me was, ‘We’re not going to change the way you look; you should just leave here looking like a refreshed version of yourself.’

I really didn’t want to go back to work and have people look at me and say ‘what have you done?’ And they didn’t.

When I do tell people that I’ve had the work done, they say that they would never have really noticed. I looked like I’d been on vacation!”

Robin was especially happy with the results of her IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy.

“It brightens up your skin and gets rid of fine lines; the healing time is close to ten days. Brown sunspots and chicken pox scars were literally lifted out! Gone! And they won’t come back. That’s what was so neat about that treatment, how deep into the skin it can get. Over the course of a week, the sunspots darken, and then slough off when you exfoliate. I was blown away by the IPL!”

Even Robin’s mom was amazed. So much so, she had her own laser treatment at MD ESTHETICS.

“My mom saw how great my skin looked when I went to see her in Toronto so when she came to visit me Victoria this summer, she went to MD ESTHETICS and had the Fraxel laser, which is one step up from the IPL I think, and honestly, she looks ten years younger after one treatment and she’s in her 70’s. She had her face and neck area done. She sent me photos about three weeks after her treatment had healed and she looks incredible.”

Robin opted to try the CoolSculpting procedure also. She was unhappy with pockets of fat on her abdomen, which, even with her rigorous exercise routine and weight lifting, she’d never been able to lose.

“People ask me about the CoolSculpting most often,” Robin said. “It’s amazing, totally cutting edge, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s like liposuction without all the invasive surgical parts. It’s not for everyone, it’s more for people who have maybe lost a lot of weight or still have some small pockets or areas where the fat just won’t leave their body.”

Robin went into some detail about how CoolSculpting works.

Robin Farrell“You lie down and the technician carefully places a part of the CoolSculpting machine on the appropriate body area. The machine is like a vacuum, like an octopus with lots of arms. The fat on your body gets sucked into the vacuum and it gets frozen when it’s in there. Then someone comes in and massages your body where it has been frozen which feels really funny and tingly like someone touching your hand when you’ve been numbed with cold. There’s a little bit of discomfort. Over the course of about 4 -6 months your body naturally eliminates the fat cells – they get processed through the liver.

I’ve had two treatments on my abdomen. In my whole life, my lower abdomen has never been as flat as it is now.”

She added, “CoolSculpting would be best for people who are fit and active, and need the crowning touch – the removal of pockets of fat that won’t come off any other way.”

Robin Farrell is clearly enjoying the results of her cosmetic dermatology enhancements. She shared her thoughts about what she would say to others considering the procedures.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I know that there are people that are really opposed to these procedures, and that’s okay.

But many women are really curious about it. Some people say, ’I’ll never have Botox or fillers,’ but I’m not that person. I’ve always been open to new things.

Most people aren’t looking for a complete overhaul anyway, just an enhancement.”

She emphasized that it was important to find the right doctor to perform the procedures and that people should make sure to do the research.

“People want to feel secure, they want to feel that they’re in the right hands.”

The choice for Robin Farrell was MD ESTHETICS and she explained why.

“MD ESTHETICS is amazing and there’s a lot to be said about the bedside manner of Dr. Banks and Dr. Milkovich. They want people to make their own decisions; they don’t want people to feel pressured. The other thing is the concierge staff is phenomenal; they’re all happy and clearly enjoy working there. I think they are all good people and the doctors must be great bosses.”

Robin concluded, “Give yourself the choice, the opportunity to make changes, or not. It’s always a choice. Find out everything you can. Ask people who have had it done. It’s empowering to do the homework, do the research and get the best you can get. And to choose what you want.”

For more information about and photos of Robin Farrell’s Birthday Botox results, check out Niche Magazine’s feature, New Year New You 2015.