Pamela McCall is a passionate, energetic, and insightful talk radio host at CFAX 1070, with a dedicated following of listeners in Victoria. An international broadcast journalist for CBS News Radio and BBC World Service, Pamela has also worked in Hong Kong, London England, and New York City. Her photo reveals an attractive, youthful, blonde woman with a warm smile and professional demeanor.

During our telephone interview, she was friendly, fun, and refreshingly open about her cosmetic enhancement experiences at MD ESTHETICS in Victoria BC.

Pamela candidly answered questions that many of us have when we are considering a cosmetic change to our appearance. How do I choose the right physician and the right procedure? Is there pain? Downtime? What will people say or think? Is it okay for me to want to do this? How different will it make me look?

Why Pamela chose MD ESTHETICS:

Pamela decided MD ESTHETICS was the right partner for her journey of self-improvement when she met one of their cosmetic physicians, Dr. Banks.

“Dr. Banks is amazing,” said Pamela, “he is a super sweet man. You can tell that he enjoys what he does because of the difference it makes in people’s lives. And right away, as I was talking to him, I felt that what I wanted to change was to be my decision, not something that was being forced on me.

I never got the feeling that he was giving me a list of the things I needed to have done – he takes it from the premise that, you look good the way you are, but if you want to do some enhancing, this is what I suggest.

I’d not experienced that feeling when I’d gone elsewhere for similar consultations; I appreciated that approach.

When you establish that kind of genuine rapport, there’s trust. And that trust is really important when you are actually undergoing the procedure.”

Pamela had a good idea of what she wanted to change first and foremost about her appearance. Her double chin.

“I’d inherited my mother’s and grandmother’s double chin and was looking for a procedure to diminish it. Something nonsurgical, and affordable. I found out that CoolSculpting could improve areas where there is extra fat, so I decided to try it.

They apply this device under the chin, and it freezes the fat cells. It wasn’t noticeable right away, but the next day I could see a difference! It was remarkable! When something has been bothering you half your life, to see it change overnight – to see that improvement – is amazing – and I only needed one treatment. When I went back for my second session, they said it was all gone.

I recommend CoolSculpting for anyone with a double chin. I’d looked into a surgical solution because I was that determined to change it. But it was expensive and invasive, so I waited in the hope that something would be developed and CoolSculpting is it.”


How different did you look?

Pamela continued her exciting adventure of personal enhancement with Volumalift, a procedure that combines dermal fillers and Botox. She described the process and answered our question.

“Volumalift didn’t change the essence of how I look, but it did make me look ten years younger!

It actually gives you a facelift without the wind-tunnel look,” she said, “You just look refreshed afterward. The dermal filler adds volume to your face, and the Botox provides a bit of a lift, especially above the eyes. It also helps improve your jawline. I also had a little bit of lip injection, which is part of the Volumalift, and I was worried about that more than anything. You see what celebrities look like sometimes when injections are done poorly, but it was fine. And no one knew what I had done!



How did you feel during the treatments?

“It was a slightly weird sensation when I felt the filler going in for example, but Dr. Banks and his assistant were coaching me – talking me through it. Saying things like ‘you’re doing well.’ They maintain a calm and soothing way of conveying support. You feel cared for and that you can put your trust and faith in them. And Dr. Banks is hilarious. He was part of what made it all an amazing experience.”

Was there pain and downtime?

“There was a bit of downtime, with a few days of puffiness, but that was all.”

What did people say about the change in your appearance?

“No one has asked me if I’ve had anything done. People just say ‘you look good,’ or ask if I’ve changed my hairstyle or told me they liked my new glasses!”

What advice would you give other people considering non-invasive cosmetic enhancements?

“Like it or not, there is an expectation of looking your best when you’re in the media; we have to maintain a certain level of confidence and looking our best helps with that. People dye their hair, whiten or straighten their teeth, wear makeup and work out, all in the quest of looking their best. Cosmetic enhancements are just one more step toward self-improvement.

I think too it’s a matter of feeling young inside and then seeing gravity shift and wanting to balance that outside with the youthful inside.

Part of the reason why I’m speaking about this is that there are so few women who have had these treatments, who come forward, and I actually think it undermines the “sisterhood.” If women are more honest about what they do, others won’t wonder why they don’t look as good at the same age.

If you’re considering making changes, I’d say, go for it, but make sure you choose the right team to help. This kind of work requires artistry, and the doctors at MD ESTHETICS are incredibly talented artists.”

Dr. Daniel Milkovich and Dr. Ken Banks Of MD ESTHETICS are respected as two of Canada’s leading cosmetic medicine experts and are the doctors responsible for lecturing and training physicians across the country in advanced skin rejuvenation treatments.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Milkovich or Dr. Banks, please contact MD ESTHETICS here.