Today’s woman wants a clean light makeup with a fresh natural look that stays put all day and evening. Online beauty bloggers and luxury magazine makeup reviewers consistently rave about and recommend Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup because it does just that; it gives a fresh, dewy and natural result for every woman.

Free from fillers, preservatives, fragrance or dyes, the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup line allows skin to breathe and function normally. With pharmaceutical grade and certified organic ingredients it’s recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals worldwide. Many of the Jane Iredale products have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendations because they provide chemical-free sun protection. It’s makeup that’s actually good for your skin!

There’s a Jane Iredale look for every woman, every mood, and every occasion. Makeup for your face, body, eyes, lips, and cheeks in a wide selection of shades, textures colours, and tones makes it easy to customize your unique and perfect look.

A very special feature, Jane Iredale’s high quality mineral content interacts with light, giving your face a wonderful soft-focus effect. Foundations give exceptional coverage and offer a range of finishes: sheer or full, luminescent or velvety.

Delicious new products include the Country Weekend Relaxed Beauty Collection with Forever Peach Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stainand the Charcoal Jelly Jar eye liner.

Polished, lightweight, pure and natural Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is right for you.

The Jane Iredale Spring Event on Friday April 10th at MD ESTHETICS showcases this beautiful line of Mineral Makeup with guest makeup artists, Ruben Potrebenko and Linda Betinazzi.

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