Did you just find your favourite SkinMedica product at an unbelievably low price online or at an outlet store? Hmm. Good thing you’re reading this.

We all love to save money but is it really a bargain if it’s fake?

It’s hard to resist that deeply discounted sticker price but beware; the global black market in cosmetics and skin care products is immense and growing. In Canada, for example, the value of fake goods seized by the RCMP was $38 million in 2012, nearly five times the amount seized in 2005. The majority of these low-priced name brand products have been manufactured illegally in unsanitary environments and often contain high levels of toxic chemicals.

It’s one thing to buy a counterfeit purse or watch, but when you’re applying illegally manufactured products to your skin, it can be harmful.

What about consumer protection?

Unfortunately, Health Canada does not yet have effective regulatory systems in place to screen counterfeit items or test them before the sale so the agency can’t assure consumers that the products are safe. And some shopping sources we regard as reputable (such as eBay and Amazon) are unknowingly selling counterfeits.

SkinMedica provides a list of some unauthorized SkinMedica sellers here.

So, where should you buy your products?

SkinMedica’s website states the following:

The only way to ensure your SkinMedica product purchase is genuine is to purchase it through an authorized medical practice, medical spa, or pharmacy. We cannot guarantee the product quality or authenticity of products purchased through any other outlet.

It’s also important to use SkinMedica products under the care and supervision of a skin care professional who will help you choose solutions that are right for your unique skincare needs.

Resist that too-good-to-be-true bargain and invest your money in the genuine article. You want fabulous, not fake!

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