At MD ESTHETICS, we have many treatment options for people with some brown pigmentation on their skin.

Brown spots on the skin have different causes, the most common being sun damage. Melasma is also a condition that causes brown pigmentation, while other kinds of brown pigmentation are hormonally induced. Our treatments, including some of our laser treatments, will not only remove brown spots, but also help with the health of the skin, a major focus of our practice.

A brown spot or patch is an accumulation of a pigment on the skin called melanin.

We all have melanin in our skin, which is most noticeable when we get a tan. Sometimes, however, we get a little extra melanin that accumulates in an area and just doesn’t go away.

At MD ESTHETICS, we typically use laser treatments to fade or erase brown spots and give skin good clarity. In conjunction with our laser treatments, we use medical-grade skin care products to both maintain and increase the results of the laser treatments.

Laser treatments used for brown spots also improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, skin-laxity and facial folds. Laser treatments provide skin textural improvement in cases of acne scarring or enlarged pores. We frequently see, and treat, pre-cancerous conditions related to past sun damage.

At MD ESTHETICS, we focus on your comfort and safety with all of our treatments. Most treatments for brown spots and pigmentation carry little or no downtime and are easily done. We take every precaution to make treatments as comfortable for you as possible.

A lot of our lasers that we use for brown spots will also cause improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, facial folds. A lot of the lasers will give a really nice textural improvement so in cases where people might have some acne scarring or enlarged pores, those lasers are really useful in that as well. Another condition that we treat a lot of is actually a pre-cancerous condition, which is related to past sun damage.

At MD ESTHETICS, we really focus on comfort and safety with all of our treatments. Most of our treatments for brown spots and pigmentation carry little or no downtime. They are easy treatments to have done. We take every step to make them as comfortable for people as possible.

leah-wernerI would recommend to anyone who has gone through cancer treatment, whether it’s radiation, chemotherapy or even a bone scan that it’s really important to feel good about yourself. MD ESTHETICS will make you feel like nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve overcome the obstacle. You will be a stronger person for it.



sherrice-kirbyI had melasma from having a baby and I also had some fine lines and wrinkles that I wanted treated and the staff was amazing in how they dealt with me, making sure that there was no pain involved in the process. And the after treatment was really good as well with the products they provided to help me with recovery as well as to further treat the condition.