Unwanted hair is completely normal – men and women alike can have stray hairs they’re not particularly fond of. Many people try their best to keep it at bay and find it a nuisance to remove. Some people naturally have excess hair, other times hair growth can develop over time as a result of things like pregnancy, ageing, medical conditions and other reasons. If you’re worried about your unwanted hair, determining its root cause won’t change the fact that it’s there. The good news is there are a variety of ways you can get rid of it.


If you have only one or two hairs that you’re hoping to remove, plucking may be the option for you. It’s simple, hurts only slightly and if you can pull the hair out from the root, it will be quite a while before it grows out and becomes visible again.

Waxing or Threading

These can be good options if you’re hoping to shape your eyebrows, but when it comes to other facial hair, both waxing and threading can be incredibly painful and cause irritation that turns the skin red for days. Plus, you’ll often be left with stray hairs and even ingrown hairs when these methods are used to remove peach fuzz or a larger patch of unwanted hair.


Of course, you’ll generally see men shaving their beards without hesitation. This works, but only for a day or two (remember that famous five-o’clock shadow). When it comes to a long-term solution, shaving is definitely last on the list. It can also give the appearance of thicker hairs as it grows back in, since stubble is dense-looking, and can leave you with razor burn, a rash or ingrown hairs.


Hair removal lotions and creams are another option. Keep in mind that they generally come with an unpleasant odour, can take up to 20 minutes to half an hour to work, and can cause irritation on sensitive skin types.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the best and easiest ways, to get rid of stubborn unwanted facial hair is through laser hair removal. At MD ESTHETICS, our expert technicians utilize LightSheer laser technology to remove not only unwanted facial hair but also hair in the bikini area, armpits, legs, and back and chest for men who are hoping for a smoother look.

One session of the treatment takes about 10–30 minutes depending on the area and amount of hair. Excellent results will happen over time, eliminating hair growth from these areas completely after a number of sessions.

Book an appointment today to find out if LightSheer is right for you and to discuss all our amazing products and treatments.