Having our own natural thick dark lashes is a dream for those of us who…well… just don’t have them. We do our best to compensate though. How many of these eyelash products do you have in your make up drawer? Be honest.

  1. False lashes for special occasions? (Don’t forget the glue)
  2. Thickening mascara
  3. Conditioning mascara
  4. Lengthening mascara
  5. Waterproof mascara
  6. The bits of lash extensions you had woven in for last New Year’s Eve that finally came out one lash at a time.
  7. That half-bottle of expensive eyelash enhancer serum you bought at the drug store, the one that didn’t work
  8. Eyelash base with fibers that brush on to your lashes to make them look thick and long before you apply mascara
  9. Eyelash brush for de-clumping those fibers
  10. Eye makeup remover
  11. Your own secret growth enhancer (that hasn’t enhanced yet). Really? Olive oil?
  12. Eye lash curler….okay, that’s 12 but you might want to keep this one

Okay, we’ll stop there.

Wouldn’t you like to toss them all out and grow your own long dark gorgeous lashes?

You can, when you grow your own lashes with Latisse. You might not even use that eyelash curler because your lashes will be so long and dark and lush.

Want to know how it works? Check out Astrid’s amazing before and after photos!

Then call MD ESTHETICS for an appointment and a prescription and start growing your own!