“I’ve lived my whole life with excessive underarm sweating, and the embarrassment that comes along with this condition. When I found out it was treatable with Botox®, it brought me to tears.”


Sweating during the warm summer months is to be expected and usually can be controlled. However, sweating excessive amounts in an air-conditioned room, or during the cooler seasons, may be a sign of a condition called hyperhidrosis.

What is It?

According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, about 3 percent of Canadians, approximately 950,000 people, have hyperhidrosis, with 300,000 who suffer from a severe form of the disorder.

There are two distinct types of hyperhidrosis:

  1.  Focal or primary hyperhidrosis has an unknown cause – though generally it’s thought to stem from over-activity of the central nervous system – and is normally contained to one or more spots on the body including underarms, hands, feet, or face.
  2.  Generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis is directly linked to other conditions like menopause, nerve damage, endocrine disorders, and obesity. Sufferers will notice excessive sweating all over their entire body and can only find relief by addressing the underlying condition.

What Can I Do to Slow Down My Sweating?

Although you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by your hyperhidrosis, you may still have reasons to want to keep it under control. Whether you’ve had to spend money on new clothes, are worried about your odour, or are dealing with painful chafing, you have a few options available to you to help.

Swap your deodorant for antiperspirant. The aluminum salts and other ingredients in antiperspirant help to absorb sweat and tighten up your glands to stop it from being released.

Wear breathable clothing. Loose-fitting tops and trousers give your sweat glands room to breathe and will likely help you feel cooler when you’re in a warmer climate or room.

Try iontophoresis for your hands and feet. If you’re finding your sweatiest spots are your palms and soles, and nothing seems to be working, this electro-shock sweat therapy may be ideal for you. Basically, a very slight electric current is sent to a water basin where you will be soaking your hands and feet. This current helps to stop glands from secreting sweat. Though effective, this treatment requires plenty of maintenance (at least one visit per week) and is not recommended for people who have other medical conditions.

The Alternative Option? Botox®

That’s right. The leading treatment for fine lines and wrinkles can also be used to help reduce excessive underarm sweating. At MD ESTHETICS, Botox is gently placed into the skin by our experts. The treatment takes about 10 minutes and you can expect to reduce excessive sweating by 80-90% with results that last up to 18 months. Botox has been used as a hyperhidrosis treatment for over 20 years and is by far the most effective way to stop sweat in its tracks. It is sure to help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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