Sherrice’s SkinMedica Skincare Transformation

“My skin has become the next level of clear since I began my Skinmedica journey. Honestly if I could afford to use it on my entire body I would.”


“Friends have been commenting on how much my skin is glowing. The only thing different I have done is add the Skinmedica skin care line to my routine. It seems to be working wonders. I wear very little make-up so it is important for me that my skin looks healthy and reflective of my active and well nourished lifestyle. Using Skinmedica is giving me the healthy glow I love. Hint… I take whatever product is left on my fingers and rub it onto the back of my hands. My hands even look like they glow.”
Sherrice, MD ESTHETICS Client

skinmedica product

The SkinMedica 90 day transformation system is a medical grade, physician exclusive, skincare regimen using a combination of very potent Growth Factors, Retinols, Anti-oxidants, Skin Brighteners and Peptides to improve the health and appearance of the skin. This is a “boot camp” for the skin, that when used together as prescribed will repair collagen faster than our bodies can break it down, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger looking skin. After 90 days of use collagen and elastin is plentiful, skin cell turnover is increased and skin clarity and pigmentation is improved. Our patients see and feel the visible changes in their skin and their friends notice the renewed confidence.