Botox is a purified protein that relaxes muscles. It is used for both therapeutic and cosmetic treatment.

The most common misconception about Botox is in regard to its safety, but it has a very safe track record. Botox has been used for over 45 years therapeutically and for the past 25 years, in cosmetic treatments.

There are both therapeutic and cosmetic candidates for Botox. On the cosmetic side, most people are great candidates for Botox because we all have lines around our eyes that over time tend to get a little bit worse. Some of us have downturned edges around our mouths that tend to get worse over time and our brows tend to come down a little further over time creating a little bit more skin hooding above the eyes. Botox can address all those concerns.

A great candidate for Botox would be someone who wanted to look refreshed and revitalized around the eyes.

Both Dr. Milkovich and I are nationally recognized injectors of Botox and teach physicians across North America in some techniques that we’ve actually pioneered in the use of Botox. We’ve developed techniques to give people a natural look. Typically, after a treatment, a client hears the comment, “You look really great” but the commenter can’t quite put their finger on the reason.

Botox is a simple procedure with no downtime, and maintenance with Botox is straightforward. Typically, a client would have a very quick visit for a maintenance treatment every three to four months.

At MD ESTHETICS, we do many therapeutic Botox treatments because they are so effective for excessive sweating, (also called hyperhidrosis) and for migraines. A lot of people don’t realize that Botox helps relieve migraines and that it’s such a simple, safe procedure.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we make any treatment as comfortable as possible and Botox is no exception. Botox is a very safe, easy treatment and virtually painless.

Marilyn J – I came to MD ESTHETICS to get a little bit of Botox for my headaches and for a deep frown line I get when I concentrate. It was bothering me and it was making me look kind of old and grumpy. It doesn’t take much to just come here for 25 minutes and I leave feeling really fantastic.


Renee H – I originally came to MD ESTHETICS basically just to fight the aging process that we all face. A lot of it is the forehead wrinkles just from facial movements throughout the years, and also the little fine lines around the eyes.