Have you ever looked in the mirror and suddenly felt your skin needs help? Roughness, dullness, oily or dry patches, blackheads whiteheads and congested pores are all very strong indications that your skin needs some professional care.

A regular spa facial might feel nice, but it’s time to graduate to a more effective and gentle answer to your skin’s needs with a HydraFacial™. Bringing together the elements of a peel with a wet microdermabrasion, the HydraFacial is the professional treatment that is healthy for skin and the benefits are numerous.

Here’s what it can do for you in just one treatment:

  1. HydraFacial™ effectively exfoliates away that dry, dead layer of skin at the surface, instantly taking your skin from dull to glowing. It’s safe and gentle on all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.
  2. HydraFacial™ loosens dirt and skin debris with a gentle circulating fruit acid peel that leaves no irritation.
  3. HydraFacial™ automatically extracts your pores by gentle vortex suction, leaving your skin fresh and decongested. This benefits all skin types and is especially helpful in reducing acne tendency.
  4. A HydraFacial™ treatment nourishes, protects and hydrates your skin with antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides.
  5. It works immediately and there’s no downtime. You’ll walk out with softer, smoother and brighter skin! Book one right before a big event to look your absolute best or do HydraFacials regularly as part of your new healthy skin care routine. There’s a reason many celebrities love HydraFacial™.

Your MD ESTHETICS clinical esthetician is ready to introduce you to the benefits of HydraFacial™ and assess how it could improve your skin.

Book a consultation today by calling our friendly concierge staff at 250-478-2336. Feel Confident, Be Yourself, Look Amazing!